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Royston repowers Lake Windermere passenger vessels - Marine Log July 2017

The Queen of the Lake, a traditional wooden launch bult in 1949, is one of two well-known passenger service vessels operating at a leading British tourist destination that have been repowered as part of a regular maintenance program.

Royston Power Generation, a long established and authorized Volvo Penta center has supplied and installed new engines for the two diesel motor vessels, which are operated by Windermere Lake Cruises.

Royston has repowered the Queen of the Lake with a new Volvo D5 engine, replacing an old Gardner engine. In the larger and more modern Cumbria III waterbus, a new Volvo D7 series engine has upgraded and replaced the existing Volvo MD100 engine.  

The five liter D5 and seven liter D7 marine diesel engines are specifically designed for heavy and medium-heavy commercial workboats and marine auxiliary systems. The D5 is an in-line four cylinder engine and the D7 is an in-line 6 cylinder model.

The repowering work was supervised by one of Royston's Volvo Penta traiined lead engineers with assistance from two in-house maintenance engineers from the cruise operating company.

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Big Data in the Marine Sector - Maritime Journal April 2017

Ibna Zaman of Royston Diesel Power, the UK based developer of the enginei fuel management system, highlights the growing operational advantages provided by the effective analysis of intelligent data in the marine sector - if certain challenges can be successfully overcome.

With the impending introduction of the EU MRV Regulations forcing shipping operators to think more seriously about monitoring, reporting and verifying fuel and emissions performance, new data driven improvements have the potential to transform the sector.

As its name implies, big data brings together huge volumes of information from a variety of sources and in different forms - often at high speeds. This data transformation has been made possible by the growing application and development of advanced sensor technology that enables large volumes of engine, fuel, traffic, cargo, weather and other data to be generated and collected on board a vessel.

For example, whilst manual data collection is already playing its part in effective fuel management and enhancing emissions control, data based systems have the potential to considerably improve other areas of vessel optimisation, asset utilisation and overall performance.

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enginei Winners of OSJ Environmental Award - February 2017

The beneficial impact of Royston’s specialist fuel monitoring technology has been formally recognised with a prestigious maritime industry award.

At this year’s Annual Offshore Support Journal Awards (OSJ Awards) the advanced technology enginei fuel management system was named as winner of the Environmental Award.

The achievement recognises the product or project that has made a significant contribution to a reduction in the environmental footprint of the OSV industry and marks the successful introduction of the new enginei AutoMode detection system which optimises OSV fuel consumption across different vessel operating phases.

The automatic detection of different operational modes enables more reliable vessel and engine performance data to be produced and analysed. This means that on board engineers and offshore fleet management staff have the ability to make more informed and accurate decisions based on trusted information on fuel consumption, with consequent improvements in vessel efficiency and emissions control.

Damian McCann, product manager for enginei fuel management systems at Royston, said: “With the marine sector moving inexorably towards the greater use of intelligent on-board data, the successful ability of the enginei system to accurately monitor and manage fuel consumption is essential to improving a vessel’s operating efficiency.

“The OSJ Award is a real mark of maritime industry quality and we are delighted to have been recognised in this way.”

The enginei system uses volumetric and mass flow measurement for enhanced fuel data analysis and engine reporting options that give vessel owners and operators detailed performance data, fuel optimisation rates and mission critical information.

Successful enginei systems are now installed in vessels of all types operating across the globe, helping vessel owners and charterers to maintain high standards of operational performance and demonstrate compliance with environmental controls.


100% Achieved in Achilles Utility Vendor Database Verify B2 Accreditation

Following assessment of the Company's Safety, Health, Environmental and Quality Management Systems we have retained the Achilles Utility Vendor Database Verify B2 accreditation, scoring 100% across the board.


enginei Nominated for Industry Award

We are delighted that the further development of our enginei fuel monitoring system has been shortlisted for an award in the prestigious Annual Offshore Support Journal Awards in recognition of its significant contribution to reducing the environmental footprint of the OSV industry.

As an engineering company dedicated to helping our clients achieve maximum performance from their marine assets, we have developed enginei as an extension of this principle and to specifically help vessel owners maintain the highest operating standards and fuel efficiencies.

Since its introduction, continuous improvements to the system have been made to help customers meet the increasingly onerous challenges associated with environmental compliance. This has now resulted in the recently developed enginei AutoMode detection system being recognised for its successful ability to optimise OSV fuel consumption.

We are naturally proud and delighted to have received this nomination and would very much appreciate your support for this important and innovative new technology.

Online voting for the 2017 Annual OSJ Awards is open now – please CLICK HERE to cast your vote.



Come and Visit Us at Stand 4001 at the International Workboat Show 2016

We are returning to New Orleans on 29 November - 2 December 2016. Come and visit us to find out more about enginei.

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Independent engine maintenance, an effective alternative to OEMs - The Ship Supplier magazine, issue 70 October 2016

A company has responded to an article in the summer issue of The Ship Supplier which focused on a survey showing the importance of original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) for maintenance and support, by syaing the independents provide an 'effective alternative' to OEMs and can actually save the operator money.

Sarah Wade, CEO of diesel power specialist Royston, based in Newcastle, UK said independent engine maintenance providers were in a unique position to support ship owners faced with mounting cost efficiency pressures.

"These are difficult times for ship owners and fleet operators - particularly for those in the oilfield services market. Rising operating costs, tighter margins and the downturn in oil and gas sector activity mean that even greater focus is now being placed on finding cost savings and operating more efficiently wherever possible."

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Fuel Management System Upgraded with Emissions Monitoring Tech - Sept 16

Royston has upgraded its enginei fuel management system to include low-cost emissions monitoring capability to calculate and analyse vessel emissions.

The technology captures key engine performance data, engine and fuel specification and flow rates, which it uses to calculate a range of ship emissions measurements. No exhaust gas analyser is required to do this.

Sulphur oxides (SOx) and CO2 can be calculated from looking at the adjusted fuel consumption and air mass flow alongside combustion efficiency. SOx levels can then be advised and predicted to assist with decisions in fuel switching when entering and leaving Emission Control Areas (ECAs).

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Royston Appointed Agent for Yanmar

Independent diesel engine service company Royston has been appointed Service and Parts Agents for Yanmar. The new appointment will see Royston providing maintenance, spares and service support for Yanmar medium speed marine commercial engines throughout Europe and Africa.

The appointment is supportive of the company’s fleet management offering to customers where all engines in a fleet can be managed by Royston. The company has over 35 years’ experience of working on all types of marine diesel engines and has long standing relationships with the major diesel engine manufacturers. The company is already an authorised representative for many leading diesel engine OEMs, including, GE, Niigata, Volvo Penta, Cummins and Scania, as well as for Napier turbochargers; and have trained engineers and original spares capability for all other engine specifications.

Maintaining official representation agreements with the OEMs has required a commitment to ongoing investment in training and accreditation. Royston’s skilled team of marine engineers has a wide experience of working on all major diesel engine types and all have been trained to OEM standards.

The new relationship with Yanmar will further extend Royston’s marine market presence, extending the company’s traditional engineering support services into auxiliary engine work on cargo, container and freight transportation vessels.


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Growing importance of advanced fuel management - The Motorship July 2016 

Damian McCann, enginei Product Manager at Royston diesel power, says that the MEPC's recent call for the reporting of vessel fuel consumption highlights the growing importance of advanced fuel management systems.

The IMO's 69th Marine Environment Protection Committee (MEPC 69) has now drafted mandatory requirements for ships to record and report their fuel consumption.

Under the system, ships of 5,000gt and above will be required to collect a variety of data, including consumption data for each type of fuel they use. The data will be reported to the ship's flag state after the end of each calendar year, which will review it and issue a Statement of Compliance to the ship. Flag states will be required to pass this data to IMO for inclusion in a Ship Fuel Consumption Database.

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An effective alternative? - Shipping & Marine June 2016 

The increasing emphasis on operational costs is bringing growing ship owner recognition of the role of the independent marine diesel engine overhaul and maintenance providers, says Sarah Wade.

These are undoubtedly difficult times for ship owners and fleet operators. Rising operating costs, tighter margins and the downturn in the oil and gas supoort sector means that greater focus is now being placed on finding cost savings and operating more efficiently wherever possible.

To illustrate this point, in a recent shipping costs survey, Moore Stephens has reported that after three years of successive small declines, vessel operating costs were expected to rise in both 2015 and 2016.

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Auto mode capability helps optimise OSV fuel consumption - Marine Propulsion May 2016 

Working with Newcastle University and Gulfmark Offshore, UK-based Royston has proved the concept of an 'auto-mode' detection capability for its enginei fuel management system for more accurate monitoring of fuel consumption and vessel emissions.

The enginei system uses volumetric and mass flow measurement for enhanced fuel data analysis and engine reporting options that give vessel owners and operators detiled performane data, fuel optimisation rates and mission-critical information. In the conventional enginei installation, the specific operational mode of the vessel is indicated by manual notification into the system by a crew member. Some modes, such as 'standby' and 'transit', are common to all vessel, whilst others are specific to certain types of vessel, such as 'dynamic positioning' (DP) with offshore support vessels, 'towing' by tugs and 'loading' for container vessels.

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Fuel monitoring offers emissions benefits - Marine Propulsion April 2016 

The use of fuel monitoring systems is increasing as companies seek to reduce their consumption to help meet emissions targets. But how much can such systems achieve?

One answer is offered by UK ferry operator Caledonian MacBrayne (CalMac), which operates services to the islands and peninsulas on the west coast of Scotland. The company has employed innovative fuel management technology as part of its Project Ecoship programme to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Last year the company installed advanced Royston enginei fuel management systems across its entire fleet of large vessels - the first UK ferry company to do so. Under the scheme the company aims to reduce fleet carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by 2 per cent, or 1,800 tonnes. This is equivalent to the annual greenhouse gas emissions of an average family car driving 4,285,714 miles, or 645 tonnes of waste sent to landfill.

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CalMac 'on track' for emissions reduction - The Motorship March 2016

Scottish ferry operator Caledonian MacBrayne is set to reduce annual CO2 emissions by 2% a year, or 1800 tonnes, as part of a project under which it has deployed Royston fuel management systems.

As part of the wider 'Project Ecoship', CalMac became the first UK ferry company to install fuel management systems across its fleet. Royston's enginei uses Coriolis or mass flow meters to monitor fuel used for each engine, tracking consumption against GPS data, voyage details and operational mode.

Real time data is processed and relayed to touchscreen monitors in the bridge and engine room, enabling the ship's master and chief engineer to make adjustments to reduce fuel consumption. CalMac has reported that engine operational adjustments are not affecting journey schedules and timetables.

Drew Collier, Operations Director, CalMAc, said: "We are finding some encouraging results. While it is too early to reveal any kind of scientifically concrete data, the initial figures we are seeing, as well as the anecdotal feedback from the teams on board, are optimistic. At the moment, we are confident that we are on track to achieve [our target] and, importantly, we now have the technology in place to make accurate measurement."

Caledonian Isles was the first CalMac vessel to have the technology installed seven moths ago. If CalMac meets its emissions targets the installation costs of the ten enginei systems will pay for themselves within 12 months.

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Innovation Agency Backs Royston Research Project - December 2015

Royston Diesel Power has received funding support for its Managing Energy on Marine Vessels technology program, which aims to develop a new system for whole-vessel energy monitoring and use, ensuring on board systems are operating at optimum performance and within environmental best practices.

The support for the £1.5 million project, which is conducted in collaboration with Newcastle University's School of Marine Science & Technology, is coming from Innovate UK, the UK's governement sponsored innovation agency.

The project is focused on producing a system for the complete understanding of the complex energy flows around a vessel.

Energy use and consumption on vessels will be measured through a physical monitoring system integrated with dedicated software and the development of new products and services to aid vessel efficiency.

The three year project will initially focus on developing a system examining total energy flows and vessel energy architecture for smaller vessels, then for progressively larger vessels provided by maritime and shipping companies Svitzer, Topaz and CalMac Ferries, who are collaborative partners on the project.

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Royston Completes North Sea FPSO Engine Overhaul  - Press Release

A team from diesel power specialist Royston Limited has completed the important engine overhaul on the Bluewater-owned Haewene Brim offshore floating production, storage and offloading (FPSO) vessel.

The facility has operated in the Pierce Field in the UK sector of the North Sea, since 1999 on behalf of Shell UK Exploration and Production.  Last year vessel was also linked to the the Brynhild field, operated by Lundin, located in the Norwegian sector.

A scheduled 48,000 hour service on the first engine required the Royston engineers to completely dismantle the engine and overhaul the cylinder heads and liners, pistons, con rods, cam shafts and bearings.

Following the specialist repair of the crankshaft, Royston completed the main engine overhaul with full commissioning and a 100% load run. On completion of the service on the first engine, Royston was appointed to carry out remedial work on another of the Haewene Brim’s engines, involving the replacement of the resilient mounts and realigning the engine to the generators.

Steve Williams, Lead Mechanical Technician on the Haewene Brim said: “The Royston team have been extremely professional throughout and have really worked hard at all times.

“The team is very well balanced in terms of their skills and expertise and have also fitted in very well on board. I cannot commend them enough, and look forward to working with them again on the next overhaul.”


Royston sets sights on growth with appointment of new Technical Director - Press Release

Neil Graham, formerly head of Technical Services at the Dubai-based Topaz Marine, has returned to the UK to take up the newly created post of Technical Director at Royston, with responsibility for expanding the company’s established medium and high speed engine service capabilities – and identifying new opportunities for market growth.

Neil joins Royston with over 35 years of high level marine engineering experience, which includes many varied senior roles as a sea going chief engineer, engineer superintendent and in regional operations management for shipping companies.

In his most recent role, during 6 years at Topaz Marine, Neil was responsible for all technical and engineering activities associated with the efficient operation of the company’s specialist offshore support fleet.

During his career he has worked on most types of vessels, including tankers, bulk carriers, ferries and OSVs, with responsibility for all engine types and with experience of dealing with all the leading marine OEMs.

As Royston’s Technical Director, Neil will have full responsibility for the operation and management of the company’s highly skilled engineering teams and will oversee all aspects of the company’s diesel engineering capabilities, customer service contracts and future technical developments.

He said: “I’ve spent many years in the marine industry and have had wide ranging technical responsibilities for ensuring that fleet and vessel utilisation rates are maintained at optimum levels.

“Ensuring that the highest engineering standards are applied at all times is crucial to meeting this need and a key part of my new role will be to extend this experience to further developing Royston’s market presence.

“Royston has a well-deserved reputation for delivering engineering work that is at least the equal of the OEMs and one of the reasons I decided to join the company was the very competitive proposition that independent service companies can offer vessel operators. I am very much looking forward to an exciting future with Royston.”

As well as overall responsibility for Royston’s technical activities Neil will also be involved in the development of new products and services to help broaden Royston’s business activities.

Lawrence Brown, Royston’s Managing Director, said: “We are delighted that someone of Neil’s calibre has joined our senior management team.

“His breadth of technical knowledge, wide ranging marine industry experience and international career will not only bring added focus to our established service offering, but will play a key business development role in expanding our market presence.”


CalMac installs ENGINEi fuel monitoring system in ferry fleet 'Ecoship' Programme - Hellenic Shipping News October 2015

Marine diesel power generation specialist Royston Limited has won a substantial contract to fit a fuel monitoring system on ten vessels operating in the UK's largest ferry network.

As part of a 'Project Ecoship' policy to improve fuel consumption and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, Scottish islands ferry operator Caledonian MacBrayne (CalMac) is installing new ship fuel management systems on all of its major vessels.

In a competative tender, Royston successfully proposed the installation of its new second generation Enginei fuel management system for the work.

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CMR Appoints Royston as Sales Rep - October 2015

Royston Diesel Power has been appointed by CMR UK Ltd. as an authorized sales representative for it's range of power generation engine control systems, wiring harnesses, instrumentation and sensors.

Under the new agreement, Royston will provide sales, spares and aftermarket support across the range of marine, power generation, industrial and oil and gas markets supplied by CMR.

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enginei - Come and visit us at stand 4814 at the International Workboat Show 2015

We are returning to New Orleans on 1-3 December 2015. Come and visit us to find out more about enginei.



Dual OSV Turbocharger Overhaul by Royston - IMAREST September 2015

Diesel Power specialist Royston has successfully carried out the overhaul of turbochargers on two supply vessels (OSVs) operated by Tidewater Marine in the oilfields off the coast of South West Africa. The engineers completed the full overhaul of Napier NA297 turbochargers on the Melton Tide firefighting and offshore support vessel and the success of this work led to more recent service work being undertaken on the Netherland Tide, multi-purpose support vessel.

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Senior Appointment at Royston Diesel Power - Maritime Professional September 2015

Marine diesel engines specialist Royston announced the appointment of Shaun Whitley as its new workshop manager at the company's Tyneside-based engineering center.

At Royston, Whitley will have full responsibility for the operation and management of the company's diesel engine workshop facility and company's engineering team. His role includes the project management of all scheduling of engine, turbocharger and fuel injection refurbishment work schedules, as well as responsibility for all quality control and compliance with OEM technical standards.

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Royston Supports PSV Engine Parts Overhaul - July 2015

Diesel engine specialist Royston has supported and completed the overhaul and maintenance of a range of engine components for a platform supply vessel (PSV) undergoing a scheduled service at Babcock's Rosyth facility.

A change in operating schedules for the E.R. Georgina required a fast four day turnaround of 24 sets of cylinder heads, piston and connector rod assemblies and bottom end bearing blocks that had been removed from the vessel as part of the maintenance of its Rolls Royce Bergen engines.

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enginei Technical Manager receives Business Leader of Tomorrow Award at Innovate UK Best of the Best Awards 2014

Congratulations to Shervin Younessi, enginei Technical Manager, for winning Business Leader of Tomorrow award at the Innovate UK Best of the Best Awards in London on the 4th November. The Best of the Best Awards 2014 recognise the stand out successes of this years Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTPs). The Business Leader of Tomorrow award recognises the achievements of associates who, while working on their KTP project have best demonstrated the potential to become a future business leader.



enginei - Come see us at International Workboat Show 2014 - New Orleans, LA

Come and visit with us at booth 4112 from Wednesday 3rd December to Friday 5th December 2014 at Ernest N Morial Convention Center.



enginei - Come see us at ITS 2014 in Hamburg June 17-19

We look forward to meeting you in Hamburg on STAND 86

Now in its 46th year, theInternational Tug, Salvage & OSV Convention returns to Hamburg in 2014 after an absence of more than three decades. ITS 2014 will take place at the city’s CCH Congress Centrum, located next to the scenic Planten un Blomen Park and also conveniently adjacent to the Hamburg Dammtor station.

Royston diesel power - Come see us at Hillhead 2014 June 25-26

Come visit us on STAND Y5 - we look forward to discussing with you how we can help your business.

Set in the rugged environment of Hillhead Quarry in the Pennine Hills in the centre of England, the showground covers an area of some 140,000m2 and includes outdoor displays, covered pavilions and extensive working demonstration areas.

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